PROICC is a frontline immigration firm with a proven track record for bringing in diverse people all over in the world into Canada, from skilled professionals to business partners, students, family members among others.


At PROICC, our mission is to holistically represent thousands of people who intend to immigrate to Canada. We undoubtedly buy into your optimism about Canada being a magnificent country to reside, and we are more than willing to help you become an integral part of this amazing community. We will serve as a guiding light every path of the journey till you migrate to Canada and embrace that glorious future of yours, establish your heritage in a beautiful place where you can proudly call your home.


At PROICC, we are aware that there may be increasingly complex barriers to entry and regulations may become stringent, thus our vision is to proffer feasible solutions to your singular or multifarious needs based on an in-depth appraisal of your situation and help you get started on arriving in Canada.