As a Canadian Permanent Resident, you have the right to sponsor your parents and grandparents. They can live with you and your family permanently under the Canadian Parental Sponsorship category of immigration. The program reopened January 1st, 2016. If perhaps this is something you want for your parents or grandparents, it's high time you began and get your application rolling already or you will miss out from the quota of 5000 visas.
Most countries that are popular destinations for prospective immigrants like the USA, Australia and the UK do not allow applicants or prospective immigrants to sponsor grandparents, and just can sponsor a parent in very limited circumstances.
On the other hand, Canadians understand the value of bringing your loved ones close to you and it is the reason the Citizenship and Immigration Canada decided to reopen the parental sponsorship class of Canadian immigration on January 2, 2015. They have also made the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents on a permanent basis.
Whether you need help raising your kids or you just want to bring your family close, Canada is indubitably the ideal destination for you.