The Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program makes use of an Expression of Interest (EOI) system for applicants’ selection. The applicants with the highest scores on the QSW points grid will be the ONLY ones invited to submit applications to Quebec.

How Does The Program Work?

  • You do NOT need a job offer
  • You can apply from any part of the world (even if you are working overseas)
  • You do NOT need to demonstrate any settlement funds
  • You will receive Canadian Permanent Residence at the end, which is the equivalent of a US Green Card
  • The processing time should be between 14-18 months and the program reopens later in 2015


With the much buzz about Express Entry, we want you to know that Quebec remains a great option for you and your family. When you apply under the QSW program, you do not need to demonstrate any settlement funds to the government, which is unlike the Express Entry. In fact, IELTS can be sent many months after you have submitted your file. In other words, you do not need to delay your application because of your IELTS exam.
Furthermore, the Quebec program is more flexible in terms of the type of language test you can't take, and there are no minimum scores needed to apply as you have with the Express Entry. Please keep in mind that the Quebec Skilled Worker program is still a point-based system, and you must make enough points to apply. A high score on your language tests will increase the likelihood of your scores being sufficient.


Firstly, you have to take our free online assessment to ascertain your options. Because many types of applicants and occupations are eligible, you cannot determine your chances until you have been assessed by a professional.


Generally, the requirements of the initial submission to the QSW program are:
  • Identity documents like birth certificates, and a marriage certificate if you are married
  • Travel documents, which is valid and up-to-date passport copies and copies of residence visas if you are not in your country of citizenship
  • Educational documents: Transcripts and diplomas
  • Some employment documents might be required to be provided initially but that will be dependent on your qualifications.
Although you do not need language test results to apply at the initial stage, you should note that you will need them eventually in order to get your visa.
Immigration Quebec will accept academic results and general IELTS result to demonstrate your English language proficiency. If you are a French speaker, you can take the TEF or DELF examination.


You stand to enjoy multitudinous advantages when you work with ProICC. Some of these include: the amazing success rate of our company, and our industry leading service standard. You will receive unlimited access the firm and the expertise of staff. We can also help you get your application submitted faster in order to secure your space in the quota. We can actually submit at first without your IELTS result and forward them about 4 months after submitting your application. That way, you do not have to wait for your IELTS result to begin your application and you really do not need a French test.
More than 50,000 newcomers move to Quebec every year as Canadian Permanent Residents. Don’t you think you should regard Canada home already?
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